Producing Games, Apps
and Bespoke Website Systems since 2002.

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Blueshift Media provide and produce software, apps and dynamic online experiences for all manor of purposes from assisting small businesses with job management software, to 3d modeling for open world gaming experiences.

Founded in 2002 by Barry Mitchell, Blueshift Media have built many products from bespoke website CMS for international organisations to large openworld PC games for sale on Steam.



Stylish 3d remake of the classic 80s arcade game Defender.

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Linx Battle Arena

Fast paced openworld online 3d person shooter. Contains decision making AI enemies, multiplayer vehicles, modular weapon systems.


Bounce The Bunny

Bounce The Bunny

Addictive game for your mobile. Fire the bunny as high as you can by dropping an anvil on a plank. Seems simple enough.

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Ball Game v3

Ball Game v3

16 levels. Guide the ball through them all if you can. Rage inducing fun.

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Super Mini Golf Pro

Super Mini Golf Pro

Easy to play, hard to master, Super Mini Golf Pro for IOS, Android and PC. First released in 2016. Currently being remade.

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Telephone: 01382 525 896.